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Thursday, June 24, 2010

NBA Draft Blog 2010

NBA Draft Blog 2010 Round 1 - Fight!

It begins. David Stern - "to all of our unruly fans" great David - that's why the fans love you.

The memories of Kwame Brown rush back as the Wizards draft first. Steven A. Smith said it best here "Kwaaame Brown is gone - throw a parade. A bonafide scrub. He has small hands"

With the first pick of the nba draft... no suprise, John Wall. Do the John Wall dance D.C. - Better than Derrick Rose? Athletically speaking both are similar but Rose seems more like a facilitator.

2nd pick - Evan Turner - 76ers - - As expected, like everyone says, reminds us of Brandon Roy. Don't expect him to be better than that. Can't see him and Iggy "i destroy possession by holding that rock" Daly Lama. Doug Collins interview - wheres Marv Albert

3rd pick - Derrick Favors - Nets - Again as expected. Jup, no surprise. 18 years old? I see a bit of Tyrus Thomas's unassertiveness or Dwight. More Dwight when he was in high school. whats his religious denomination? Like Dwight, he was High School Player of the Year in 2009.

4th pick - Wesley Johnson - Timberwolves- The player I like the most. Ups and a shot. Damn, whats he wearing. Is that Fransworth Bentley? Whats he wearing - don't know whats worse - the shirt, tie or pajamas. Still balling. I love his game to death. This might save Johnny Flynn's career - old college teammate.

5th pick - DeMarcus Cousins - Kings - The critics make him sounds like JaMarcus Russell. Can't have fun when you play or else your labeled with "character issues." Hopefully for Sac Town - hes not. With only 23.5 minutes he averaged 15.1 points 9.8 rebounds at KU - amazing numbers. He's going to be great. Tyreke Evans & DeMarcus Cousin - Callipari connection. Damn De, put the blunt down for a minute - you high as hell tonight aren't you - "I'm a kid that likes to have fun" doing his Will Smith - Parents Just Don't Understand impression.

6th - Eekpe Udoh - Golden State Warriors - I felt like this draft guaranteed 5 great players. This draft is deep - everyone offers something special. Basically, no Hashit ThaBEAT in the first 5.

Damn, Warriors - the first supriser: Eekpe udoh. Although some mock drafts called this. Haven't seen him much. Don't like this one bit. They already got Biedrins and his $54 million contract, not to mention Wright and Randolph. I'm part of the FREE RANDOLPH club, please let him play Donny. Worse part - both play a similar game. He might be better than Biedrins already. That guy has no offense and a free throw that resembles grandma at the line.

7th pick - Greg Monroe - Detroit Pistons - God, would have been perfect in the Warriors system. Didn't they sign Charlie No Brows to fill the PF spot last summer. In my opinion, since drafting Darko in 2003, Dumars has been one of the worst GMs. Signing Ben, Charlie V - trading for Iverson while at the same time trading away the finals MVP Chauncey "Pull Up" Billups. Worst move: Had the chance to get Rondo/Allen for Prince/Rip/etc.

This just came from my friend Kenny regarding the Warriors pick, "i cant even say this fools name rite, sounds like an Ethiopian version of Skype," Eekpe - Skype, i guess Kenny

8th pick - Farouq Aminu - Clippers - WTF are you doing wearing those coke bottle glasses, Clark Kent. Wow. Who ever told him to wear those should be shot. Why does it seem like every player that comes from Africa is a descendant of Chiefs and Kings of African tribes (see Luc Mbah a Moute) Btw, rest in peace Manute Bol, true hero and role model. Aminu is a is tweaner. Got to watch out for those. Only if they coulda got Wesley. Damn. Well, Can't wait to see 2011 Rookie of the Year Blake Griffin.

Stewart Scott - love it: "Guys its the Clippers" I wish he said "Guys its the Clippers FUCK YOU Donald lame duck Sterling"

Witty WASP humor from Mr. Jay Bilas "I'm having trouble getting over those glasses" I bet he goos and gaws over Hayward. Watch. My bust for this draft. He's no JJ - JJ proved how good he was this post season

9th pick The NY Knicks select...oops. Thanks Isiah, Sorry NY. Isiah, still fucking the Knicks while you coach FIU.

The Jazz select Hayward. This kid is not Korver - who is one of the best shooters. Sometimes teams get lucky and get a high pick but decide to the wrong player - think Pistons getting the 3 pick from the Grizzlies in 2003 to draft Donny Darko. Bilas - tell ya what - "kid knows how to play" Say hello Luke Jackson - Adam Morrison - and now Hayward. Biggest winner of this pick: the Pacers. They woulda been forced to take him - home state product. Dodged a big one. Wouldn't that be some shit if he becomes a star after Legend Larry keeps searching for the next white hope - Mike Dunleavy, Troy Murphy, Josh McRoberts, Travis Diener, Jeff Foster, Tyler Hansbrough.

Twin sister interview - after 20 beers I'd hit. I spy Kevin Durant.

10th pick - Paul George - Pacers - Looks good. Its the Pacers - they are screwed no matter what. One thing basketball fans never consider - your position in the draft. The Pacers are either unlucky or plain stupid. They need to tank one season and get a high pick, maybe even the number one pick. Like Orlando after McGrady got hurt and then traded his ass (Dwight), like Spurs when David got hurt (Duncan), Zombie Sonics (Durant). They are stuck in the perpetual role players draft spot.

The positions where they drafted since 2004 - the year Ron burned the house down with the malice at the palace: 17th (2005 Granger), 17th (2006 Williams), 11th (2007 Al Harrington trade), 11th (2008 traded for 13th pick Brandon Rush), 13th (2009 T - Rex). Draft range last 5 years 11th - 17th aka no hope. This team is screwed. Queensbridge. Say Queensbridge Larry.

11th pick Cole Alrich - Hornets - maybe say good bye Emeka? I like him - reminds me of Joel Przybilla - tough, tough player. How bout the Blazers bigs: Greg "Pops" Oden, Joel, Marcus Camby, and LA. Can't hate the pick.

Uh OOOh - Ric Bucher trade alert - Hornets trade Cole Aldrich & Mo Pete for OKC's 21st and 26th pick. Love this for OKC. Sam Preti does it again. First made an amazing pre draft trade for the heats 18th pick - traded up in the draft and got Cook (22 years old) for their 32th pick. Salary move for Heat - going for the holy grail of 3 max contracts. Salary cap move by Hornets as well to get rid of Mo Pete's contract.

12th pick - Xaxier Henry - Grizzlies If Rudy Gay doesn't come back insurance policy? Gotsa nice stroke and NBA body. Jesus, his mom, dad, aunt, brother all went to Kansas. Only Blacksheep, Uncle Joe went to Oklahoma.

13th pick - Ed Davis - Toronto Raptors - Insurance policy for Bosh who is as good as gone a la Vince Carter. Gots great size. Needs to get bigger. Woulda went high if he left after his first year. This draft has more legit PFs this year than last. Last year was the draft of the guard: Evans, Rubio, Flynn, Curry, Jennings.

13th picks so far - no seniors so far. Insert generic importance of staying in school like Tim Duncan and David Robinson

Rockets pick 14th. Yaos coming back - we'll see about that.

14th pick Patrick Patterson - Rockets - KU player - 3rd one taken. 2 more to go: Orton and Bledsoe. Damn Calipari must have some off shore accounts to be pulling this type of recruiting. Not seen since Steve Fisher and his "Fab 5" Michigan team.

Why I like Pat - especially his 2008 afro. Please bring it back. We got one fro left in the NBA but he's French: Pietrus. Patterson is a big soccer fan? Could be a good thing considering the 3 player in the NBA that actively support "el soccer": Kobe, KG, Nash. Maybe he'll be a good coach if hes not a good player. Last KU player take by the Rocket - Pat Riley.

15th pick - Larry Sanders - Bucks - Colonel Sanders? Stern - "Larry is not here" Maybe a Brandon Jennings late appearance? Why would he not show up to the most important day of your life thus far??

16th pick - Luke Babbit - Minnesota - WAC player of the year. Wackest of the WAC - Really nice stroke. 90 - 50 -40 guy in terms of shooting FG%

17th pick - Bulls - Wizards own the pick if the Hinrich trade goes through. The pick is Kevin Seraphin - France. Crowd chants "USA, USA, USA" I wonder if the proud Italian guidos in the crowd know that Italy is out of the world cup - probably not.

Interview with KD, already praising the new guy Cole as the missing piece. I love him. He's matured so much in 2 years. Oh the what if with the Blazers. History tends to repeat it self, Bowie: Jordan, Oden:Durant.

18th pick OKC - Eric Bledsoe - I like him a lot - NBA body and insane motor. OKC has Westbrook and Maynor already. Btw, I remember VCU's Eric Maynor in the NCAA tournament against UCLA's Darren Collison - guess who was the better player- Maynor by far and away. Although Collison has shocked me - I thought he was going to be a good back up at best reminiscent of Darryl Armstrong. Ok, honestly, they both look similar with very - how do you say - dark complexion. Everybody say cheese, i mean mugshot:

Ric Bucher Round 2 - Minnasota's 16th pick Luke Babbit & Ryan Gomes go to Portland for Martel Webster. Love this trade for Minny. Webster is great shooter, griddy player. Why would the Blazers trade Webster when they just traded Outlaw this past season. More PT for Rudy and Nicolas Batum?

19th pick - Avery Bradley - Celtics - Like him as a player - tough defender, athletic. Should they have taken James Anderson - insurance against Ray Allen leaving. Never hurts having too many shooters. Plus you got Rondo and can possibly re-sign Nasty Nate. Right?

20th pick - James Anderson - Spurs - Replace Roger Mason if he leaves. Spurs got the best shooter in the draft. Damn it. Do they ever make a bad move. Oh yeah, Richard "I got a tattoo of RJ on my arm because my initials are RJ, get it" Jefferson. Epic Fail

Ric Bucher alert #3- Clips trade Future first round pick for OKC #18 pick Eric Bledsoe. Now it makes sense why they drafted him. Jesus Christ what a trade for the Thunder. This pick could be top 10, shit top 5 in a year or two. I like Bledsoe for the Clips - starting as a freshman at KU with Wall. But the Thunder are raping the NBA with their moves taking advantage of teams cap structure to nab young talent like 2 first round draft picks to take on Kurt Thomas contract, Eric Maynor, and Cook.

21st pick - Craig Brackins - OKC - drafting for New Orleans.

This just in - Kevin Pritchard will be fired today after the draft. No wonder he traded Webster - his proverbial fuck you to the man. WTF is Paul Allen thinking. Pritchard and Presti are the best new GMs in the NBA. Guess the Blazers are screwed from here on out.

22th pick- Elliot Williams - Blazers - Last day for Pritchard. Lost assistant coach Monty Williams. Calling it now - Blazers are downhill from here. Curse of Kevin. You thought last years injuries were bad. Next year, Oden, Camby, and Roy down and out for season. NBA karma - ask Antoine Walker

23rd pick - Trevor Booker - Timberwolves - a Senior! I could careless the significance of the first Senior drafted. ESPN, please stop.

24th pick - Damien James - Hotlanta -

Andy Katz alert - Washington trades 30th pick & 35th pick 2010 for the right to 23rd pick Trever Booker and 56th pick 2010 draft.

25th pick Dominique Jones - Grizzlies

26th pick Quincy Pondexter - OKC - might belong to the Hornets

27th pick Jordan Crawford -Nets - Yes, the same kid that dunked on Lebron (37 secs)

Andy Katz alert #2 - Nets trade Jordan Crawford and 31st pick for the Atlanta's 24th pick Damien James

28th pick - Grevis Vasquez - Grizzles - Jon Barry called it before the pick. This was the Lakers pick that belongs the the Grizzles because of the Gasol trade. So the Gasol trade leads to Javaris Crittenton, retired Aaron McKie, Marc Gasol, 2008 first round pick Donte Green, 2010 first round pick Grevis Vasquez. Not bad considering its the worst trade in NBA history. Oh wait -Kwwwame Brown was the centerpiece. Thanks Steven A for that.

29th pick - Daniel Orton - Orlando - 5th Kentucky player drafted. damn, showed his blooper reel from espn promo. his line, "Hey I'm Daniel Orton and your watching the 2010 NBA draft" He messed it up about 10 times. Seriously Dan, DeMarcus has been a bad influence on you. Puff, Puff, Give.

30th pick - Lazar Hayward - Wizards - End of the first round.

Well that's all folks. Hope you enjoyed it. Key points to take home after Round 1:

-Boring as hell - no big trades at all - the best player traded today was Captain Kirk.

-Most exiting part of the night - Madison Square Garden crowd chanting "Sexy Silver" as Adam Silver, NBA Deputy Commissioner, who was calling the players of the 2nd round.